100 Years of Kaneto Shindo - Executive Committee


Film director Shindo Kaneto is the pride of Hiroshima, his roots. At 99, he says: “As long as I have a life, I will live it through and through.” True to his word, he is still active on location. On April 22nd this year Shindo will be celebrating his one-hundredth birthday.

As a pioneer of Independent film-making in Japan, Shindo has created a great number of masterpieces full of creativity and tenacity. He has received awards both in Japan and overseas and through these, put the Japanese film industry on the global map. Meanwhile, he has contributed greatly to international cultural exchange by raising international appreciation for Japanese movies. We wish to express our honor and respect for Mr. Shindo, honorary citizen of both Hiroshima Prefecture and the City of Mihara, by sharing his achievements with the public.

Throughout his career, the director has prioritized patriotism to his homeland and messages of Hiroshima. Now it is our turn to carry this mission to future generations.

In honor of Director Shindo’s 100th birthday, we hereby establish the executive committee 100 years of Kanto Shindo, so that we can continue to deliver his message to the world though film.

January 12, 2012

Organizing Committee Members

Hiroshima Prefecture, The City of Hiroshima,
The Hiroshima City of the Future Foundation,
Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Junior Chamber International Hiroshima,
Hiroshima-shi Chuo-bu Shoutengai Shinkou Kumiai Rengoukai (Chushinren), The Chugoku Shimbun, RCC TV, HTV, Hiroshima Home TV, TSS-TV,
Hiroshima FM, FM Chupea 76.6 MHz

Special Cooperation:

Jiro Shindo (Kindai Eiga Kyoukai)


Hiroshima-ken Kougyou Seikatsu Eisei Dougyou Kumiai,
Hiroshima Cinematographic and Audio-visual Library,
Hiroshima City Central Library, Hiroshima Film Commission, NTT CRED Hall,
Saeki Ward Office, Itsukaichi Shokokai, Ishiuchi Community Hall,
Ishiuchi Machizukuri Kyogikai, Saeki Ward Community Exchange Kyogikai,
Hiroshima Bunka Kaigi Jumbi Kai


Kyoko Heya (Art Director)

For more information:
“100 Years of Kaneto Shindo” Organizing Committee Secretari at (NPO) Cetra Hiroshima -- 4F Mitakiya Bldg., 1-6 Hondori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0035 TEL: 082-545-7611 FAX: 082-545-7612  e-mail:
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