Kaneto Shindo (Film Director)

Kaneto Shindo

Director and screenwriter born in Ishiuchi Village, Saeki-gun, Hiroshima (now Itusukaichi-cho, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima) on April 22, 1912. Pioneer of self-produced films, chairman of the Kindai Eiga Kyoukai, Honorary Citizen of Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City, and Mihara City.

Created many great and memorable films with the ongoing theme of the inner human condition. Gained a widespread fan following due to his deep trust and affection for people.

Representative films include “Children of Hiroshima,” “The Naked Island,” “Onibaba,” “The Life of Chikuzan,” “A Last Note,” “Sanmon Yakusha,” and others.

“Postcard,” his latest film and 49th film that he has directed, was listed no.
1 in the 85th Kinema Junpo top ten of 2011. Awarded the Order of Culture in 2002. In deed as well as name, he is a leading representative of the Japanese film industry and the oldest film director.
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