“As long as I have a life, I will live it through and through.”    Kaneto Shindo


Screening of Commemorative Films

April – May 2012 – Screening of 48 of the director’s films at one time throughout the prefecture

Pre-screening – “Postcard”(Ichi Mai no Hagaki)

Mar. 31 (Sat.) – Apr. 13 (Fri.) at Cinetwin Hondori

Hiroshima Cinematographic and Audio-visual Library

35 of the director’s films Apr. 6 (Fri.) – May 27 (Sun.)
* Mainly shown on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

Theatres belonging to the Hiroshima-ken Kougyou Seikatsu Eisei Dougyou Kumiai

13 of the director’s films – Cinetwin Hondori, Hiroshima Wald 11,
109 Cinemas Hiroshima, Warner Mycal Cinemas Hiroshima,
T-Joy Higashi Hiroshima, Kure Poporo, Cinefuku Cinema Mode,
Cinema Onomichi, Mihara Region Plaza

Premium Screening at NTT CRED Hall

May 11 (Fri.), May 12 (Sat.), May 13 (Sun.)
Screening of 3 of the director’s films, twice per day
(The Naked Island, Owl, Sanmon Yakusha)

Commemorative Exhibitions

“100 Years of Kaneto Shindo” Commemorative Exhibition

Hiroshima Branch of the Former Bank of Japan -- Sat., Apr. 7 to Tue., Apr. 24

Special Exhibition “100 Books About Kaneto Shindo”

Hiroshima City Central Library -- Sun., Apr. 8 to Sun., May 27

Commemorative Talk Show

During the period of the program, we are planning to hold talk show events with Mr. Shindo and various actors who have appeared in his films.

Hosted by: 100 Years of Kaneto Shindo Organizing Committee
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